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PhD student/young postdoc
Queen's College, Oxford, UK, EU, August 14, 2004
speakers caught by Johana Vallejo, sponsor trapped by Rogier Stuger
sponsored by the European Journal of Biochemistry, which wil try to reduce the damage by changing its name to the FEBS Journal
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Saturday, August 14
The GRC Stage Invasion
Where? Queen's College promised to
borrow us a computer...
Another Word...
A Word From
Our Sponsor
the FEBS
Far Away From
The Beer Cellar Rogier's Dell from the stone ages
had to strugle with the projector...
...From Our Sponsor

Proceedings of the GRC Stage Invasion 2004:

Rogier Stuger
BioCentrum Amsterdam
Missing links in E. coli DNA compaction and nucleoid segregation

Ana Diaba Martins
Virginia Tech
Transcriptomics and metabolomics studies of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in two different growth states: exponential and stationary phases

Marko Vendelin
Université J. Fourier & Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn Technical University
Analysis of functional coupling: mitochondrial creatine kinase and adenine nucleotide translocase

Cynthia Greenberg
Sweetening the fat cell: role of PTG in modulation of adipocytic glycogen metabolism

István Horváth
Unique effect of an antimitotic agent, KAR-2 on calmodulin assemblies

Johana Vallejo
University of Misery Missouri
Compartmentation of glycolysis to a plasma membrane domain: role for caveolin-1 as a scaffolding protein for phosphofructokinase

Stage Invasion Dinner
Quod in the Old Bank Hotel Emily, Cynthia, Johana,
Marko, Rogier, Ana
english wine... ...causes blurry pictures

Tiramisu sponsored by the FEBS Journal . after dinner
Johana Jake Ana István, Emily, Cynthia, Johana, Marko, Rogier, Danny, Ana, Jake . The Turf Tavern Johana, Marko, Jake, Cynthia, Emily, Ana Rogier, Ana, István

please send pictures, comments, questions, and bribes to remove embarrassing pictures to Rogier Stuger
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