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unofficial proceedings of the
Queens College, Oxford, UK, EU, August 3 to 9 and beyond, 2002

Session 2
The Big Picture of Everybody

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How can we tell if fish urinate?
They don't do it on land,
and we can't see it in the water

Paul Srere cited by Douglas Kell

Back Row
Tina Roberts, Wayne Most Flagelated GRC Participant Schroder, Greg Tully, Alex Engel, Muluye Liku, Chaitanya Most Questions From A Student Athale, Dave Saslowsky, Tim Moerland, Jim/James I Have A Theory On Men & Women Clegg, Pedro Mendes, Rick Cloud Of Smoke Welch, Danny Kohl, Kurt Ballmer, Kat Thomasson, Dan Owens, Michelle Barthet, Ujwala Warek

Row 2
Jared Lawrence, Shu-ou Shan, Claude Master Of The Darts Aflafo, Randolf A Pint For The Grass Jordan, Richard Sever, Roel van Driel, Rogier Most Gels On A Poster Stuger, Ana I Work In Virginia But I've Never Been There Martins, Afrouz Behboudi, Johana Bus At 4 AM Vallejo, Mike On The Fly Slides Of Things My Boss Allows Me To Say Santos, Tom Kriegel, Ferry Orosz, Ron PI Sheedy, Carol Griffin, Andy Schaeffer, Nat Cohen, Helma Pluk, Chris Nuke Them Proteins Dana, Ron Lynch

Row 3
Elizabeth Gavis, Agamemnon Carpousis, Steve Oliver, Keith Most Flagelated Organism Award Gull, Ioannis Xenarios, Sui Huang, Lásló Barabasi, Petra GRC Frequent Smiler Award Schwille, Tom Tick Tock Circadian Clock Schultz, Sunghoon Kim, Dennis Bray, Judit Ovadi, John Tertiary Protein Sequence Wilson, Richard Multifunctional Hot Potato Handling Perham, Bé These Mice Are Rather Stupid Wierenga, Jiahua Xu

Front Row
Matt Brady, Chris Michigan In 2004? Hardin, Hiroaki BioTamagotchi Kitano, Oliver Cucurbit Fiehn, Doug Kell, Brenda Winkel, Kevin Brindle, Glenn Get Up And Jump Prestwich, Murray Deutscher, Peter Sticky Polymerase Cook, Vicki Vance, Nicole Francis, John Presley

Head Count: 66

Not Captured On Film
Wolfgang Ice 'em & Slice 'em Baumeister, Pamela Silver, Robert Terry, Ada Ribosomes And The Pierce Catalog Yonath, Robert Singer

Ghost Count: 5

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