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Queens College, Oxford, UK, EU, August 5-13, 2000
in The Dark Hall Of The College

you may need to play with the brightness/contrast toys on your screen to get the picture

GRC2000 Banquet- The Movie directed by Mike, AVI-to-MPGed and cut up by Rogier
MPG cut up into 5 parts 'cos our webspace provider zaps all files over 900 kb - glue back together in the right order 1 (812 kb)

Ricky starts the ceremony
2 (852 kb)

Judit aiming for the Most Scared Looking Conferee Award
3 (736 kb)

Three Silly Old Men in Combat Gear
4 (846 kb)

Toys for Prince Kevin and Queen Brenda
5 (770 kb)

Knighting of Nat and Hans, crowning of Queen Bren and King Kev

1:09 1:41 ; 1:42 1:39 1:47 1:47 and a half 2:06
Ricky, Doug and James in combat gear End of the reign of Queen Nat + King Hans, Brenda seizes the sceptre Sceptre close-up Hans hopes pictures with the silly hat will never ever reach the web Ricky knights Nat and Hans with The Sword Of Reductionism King Kev & Queen Bren crowned and ready for the chair

drink some cytojuice
?, Karen, JoAnne, Murray bit of Rogier & Ana, N8ty, Sonia, ?, Dave S, Olav Ferry O + Judy O Chris
voodoo really works (or is it the cheap college wine?)
sober on chateau du college queens 2000
Princess Brenda
got a new toy to play with- 
maybe it will turn into a prince if you kiss it...
The Infamous Douglas B.
almost dressed like a grownup - keep trying, Doug!
King Kevin &
Queen Brenda
ready to rule GRC2002
pics by Mike

pics by David I
stop talking, Hans, Ricky's got the mike and he's only halfway through his 237-page speech James, Nat, Hans, and a few of the bottles they emptied that night

pictures, comments, questions, etc. to Rogier Stuger

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