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Queens College, Oxford, UK, EU, August 5-13, 2000

The London Afterparty

Thai Food in Soho Dim sum in Chinatown Beer near Covent Garden

David I, David S, Vanessa, Rogier
on water and orange juice, and red wine for Van, at boat-shaped table in thai place near Oxford St
shot by next table's tourist with Vanessa's camera

Cláudio reading Vanessa's hand
('...short lifeline, islands in your heartline, and you'll have three children...')
and then he tried to get a free lunch by reading the waitress' hand
shot by Ana

Rogier, Vanessa, Dave S, Ana
couldn't find the funky pussy, scored these pints just before closing time
(11 pm on a saturday night!!!)
shot by Cláudio with Vanessa's camera

Beer near Leicester Square St Paul's Tower?
Dave S on Guinness or a dark Sam Smith, Ana's ex (?) Cláudio on something yellow, Rogier on black Sam Smith
shot by Ana while her half pint of Guinness smiled at her camera
Dave S, Ana, Rogier
sunday afternoon on the stairs of St Pauls, last day of GRC2000
shot by anonymous tourist with Ana's camera
Vanessa, Ana, Cláudio
and the living evidence that something's wrong with the british beef
shot by Dave S (?) with Vanessa's camera
Dave S, Vanessa, Ana, Cláudio
and soldier in leasure gear
shot by Rogier (?, don't remember a thing) with Vanessa's camera

Why Mike missed the pizza & the hunt for the Funky Pussy
I left Kenwood park at 5:15 to be by the Tower by 5:45. By a strange twist of biovoodoo phenomenon, an accident occured very near Kenwood park that resulted in an hour long traffic (of course, the bus I was riding was jammed in the middle of it). By the time I reached Tower Hill, it was 6:45. I stayed until 7:15 by the red phonebooths (while the guard by the gate looked at me with nervous eyes!!!! ... as if I'm the Unibomber). Oh well, there will always be another time for a goooood dimsum! -Mike
pictures, comments, questions, etc. to Rogier Stuger

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